Yamuna: Very often after someone who is very serious about her/his yoga practice gets injured, the search for finding ways to heal is focused on trying to get better to get back into the yoga studio and continue the practice that she or he has been following. It is very rarely focused on “How did I do this to myself during my practice of yoga?” I have always found that my body is my greatest teacher and healer. When you get injured in your practice it means our body cannot do things the way you were doing them anymore. It is asking you to look at how you got injured so that you can go back in and analyze each asana to see which ones you need to re-study and change your approach to them. It is never about stopping your practice and never doing yoga again. It is about learning more about yourself and your body so you can begin again more mindful of your body and practice. This process is spiritual. People think when they can’t practice they lose the spirituality in their lives. Going deep and finding your answers and self-healing is a very rich, rewarding, spiritual practice. Yamuna Yoga can help you heal because it supports you while you go deeper into asanas safely. It helps you to see your process as your body opens energy lines and you safely master each pose. This can help you go back into any class with the knowledge and self-experience to not injure yourself again.

Yamuna: You should definitely check out Yamuna Yoga. I am a yogi for over 45 years. All my work comes from yoga. I would never suggest giving up yoga, I would suggest a re-evaluation of your practice. You might be at a time where going deeper and feeling for what is right for you, is your spiritual practice. I like to think the wisdom of age teaches us where our next journeys are within our bodies and beings. The body is so vast and so I can only say to focus where it tells you, you need to. I very often focus for 6 weeks on one area. Then I might focus on another concept. I always work my spine, hips, feet, and abdomen, not all of this every day, but I fit in what I think I need. I would highly suggest In Bed With Yamuna work. It will teach you the art of non- doer. You will feel how the body itself knows how to heal itself.

Marianna has practiced Yoga for over 4 decades, taught Yoga since 1986, was Iyengar certified in 1993 and completed the 2 year Yamuna® Yoga Training with Yamuna in 2012 & the Yamuna® Breath Work Training in 2015.