Belfast Yoga Studio

& Yamuna Body Rolling

We are now offering HYBRID classes.  You can now attend in-studio classes or via Zoom.  Click below for our latest Schedule.

Kirtan Event scheduled for March 14 has been postponed until Saturday, March 18 at 5:00 PM

In Bed2 with Yamuna® - $35. ===== April 2

3 - 5 PM

With certified instructor,  Marianna Moll :  “My all time favorite Body Meditation, Joint & Muscle Release, Sleep Aid & so much more. Join me from the safety & coziness of your own home.”    

I am so excited to share some of the NEW In Bed with Yamuna®. In this class we will be utilizing the edge of the bed, using gravity as a powerful addition to go much deeper into positive change.You will learn a whole new way of getting a great workout that improves and frees the body.

To take the class on Zoom, all you need is a bed, the Yamuna® gold, pearl and silver ball. If you are interested to take the class in person(‘bed’ space is limited), RSVP with Marianna (

Visit the Special Events and Workshops page to sign up for In Bed2 with Yamuna®.  Click HERE to sign up.

The March 5th Kundalini Introduction has been postponed to Sunday, April 16 from 12 to 2 PM.

Visit the Special Events and Workshops page to sign up for An Introduction to Kundalini Yoga.  Click HERE to sign up.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be special Introductory Kundalini Yoga and Meditation classes offered on Sundays (9:30-11:00 AM), Mondays (9:30-10:30 AM), and Wednesdays (7:30-8:30 AM) from March 6-15.  A cash donation of $5 to $15 is suggested.  These classes are in-studio.  Since these classes are in-person, our snow cancellation policy will be in force.  When Belfast schools are canceled or delayed, then the morning yoga class will be canceled.

“Working with Marianna changed my life completely through her exceptional skills and with the commitment I made to my own well-being. I wasn’t sure that anything could possibly have any deep or enduring result, however, this work helped me to become thoroughly embodied after many decades of numbing dissociation because of early trauma that left me overweight, depressed, and with many physical and emotional issues. Yamuna Body Logic sessions re-educated and awakened my body, as well as being highly enjoyable, while EFT tapping and body rolling with Marianna deepened and maintained my healing experience. It wasn’t easy but with my ongoing commitment and modest investment, I am amazed and thrilled to find myself at almost 70 years old to be fit and healthy, physically and emotionally, for the first time in my life. Worth it? Yes! We are very lucky to have such a high-level, devoted practitioner in our area.” –SFRG, Belfast

Belfast Yoga Studio now has a YouTube channel.  Available videos are listed on the BYS YouTube Channel page [HERE].  To access a particular video, click on the ADD TO CART button and Marianna will e-mail a link to you.  Special classes are available for $20 each, regular classes are available for $15 each.

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Belfast Yoga Studio wants to expand it’s offerings.  If you are interested in teaching at Belfast Yoga Studio or would like to rent our beautiful space for quiet activities, please contact Marianna Moll at 338-3930  or at  Our Therapy Room with massage table is also available at certain times during the week.

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