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& Yamuna Body Rolling

We are now offering HYBRID classes.  You can now attend in-studio classes or via Zoom.  Click below for our Summer Schedule.

“In a way, the online classes are just as good as being there because Marianna is so good at verbalizing the moves, and it is easier to see. This time we get to move the teacher around! I really enjoy the live class, which has great energy and “being” with other long time practitioners feels like a very safe and nurturing environment. And I get to be in my own private space during a live class.”
SG, Belfast
Belfast Yoga Studio now has a YouTube channel.  Available videos are listed on the BYS YouTube Channel page [HERE].  To access a particular video, click on the ADD TO CART button and Marianna will e-mail a link to you.  Special classes are available for $20 each, regular classes are available for $15 each.

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Belfast Yoga Studio wants to expand it’s offerings.  If you are interested in teaching at Belfast Yoga Studio or would like to rent our beautiful space for quiet activities, please contact Marianna Moll at 338-3930  or at  Our Therapy Room with massage table is also available at certain times during the week.

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