TAP & ROLL  (EFT & YBR Coaching) with Marianna
Marianna is combining the tools that have served her best with her background in Client Centered Therapy, Yoga Breathing and Mindfulness Meditation. 
If your Mind is not where you want it to be, go to the Body”. 
Both Yamuna® Body Rolling and Emotional Freedom Technique provide easy tools to release current tensions & stresses as well as past traumatic experiences. Marianna believes memory is stored in the body, regardless of wether we are dealing with physical or emotional pain. She noticed soon after she started YBR as well as learning about and applying EFT that she felt better in her body and more accepting of herself. Feeling better and better are motivating her to use YBR & EFT daily and she likes her clients to experience this as well.
“Stuck body patterns and limiting believes keep us from living our full potential, hindering us to feel ease and freedom in our Body and Mind!” 
 Marianna believes, that the main goal of all her offerings is Self Healing leading to Self Empowerment, Health and Happiness.
 If you want to undo deep old restrictions and become a Happier You, reach out to Marianna.         Sessions are $60 per hour.

Call for an appointment: 207-338-3930