YBR is a therapeutic self-care practice that grew out of a therapy system called Yamuna® Body Logic, a hands on technique that Yamuna Zake created over 20 years ago. YBR is a series of routines that use a six to ten inch re-inflatable ball to stretch muscles, freeing restrictions in all parts of the body, increasing blood flow, and promoting healing.

Yamuna® Body Rolling:

— Empowers people to tone, strengthen and realign their own bodies and to prevent and fix all sorts of body problems.

— Combines the strengthening and toning of exercise with the release of massage

— Heals and prevents injury

— Is effective on its own or as a complement to any workout

— Directly stimulates bone, improving bone density

— YBR is taught only by certified practitioners who have completed specialized training courses.

Marianna is a Level II Yamuna® Body Rolling, Yamuna® Yoga and Yamuna® Hands-on Therapeutics Practitioner

A certified Yamuna® Therapeutics Face & TMJ Practitioner.

A certified Yamuna® Table Treatment Practitioner.

Marianna finds YBR to be a great way to transform one’s body and sees it benefiting her life as well as her Yoga practice: “Using our body weight to sink into the ball we work through layers of tension and enter a state in which the body lets go. Old emotional patterns begin to release and an experiential awareness of our body is developed. To me YBR is a self care system that enables us to heal old injuries. The work with the balls strengthens, tones and realigns the body while deepening the body-mind connection.”

YBR is a form of self therapy can help prevent injuries and promote mind -body well being, enhance performance in any exercise, sport or fitness program and create a leaner, well aligned body. These goals are achieved through a new type of stretching which helps create space in the area of muscles and joints. This space in turn promotes restoration of length to the involved muscles and educates each muscle to release, starting with large muscle groups and working to smaller. Done before weight bearing exercises, YBR will align joints and minimize risk of injury. It promotes body awareness and increased lung capacity and a fuller use of the breath.

Yamuna Body Rolling is the “exercise” I’ve been looking for my whole life.  Fun, fast and so effective!  The best part is you can do it at home and even in bed.  It is good for every part of you, bones, tissue and muscle.  It is also cost effective and, yes, it is like being your own chiropractor!  -S.G. Belfast