Yamuna® Body Logic is a deep, hands-on body therapy system to enable optimal body function. The main focus is to reintegrate and realign the body for optimal, pain-free movement. Yamuna® Body Logic taps into the body’s own natural intelligence. Injuries and restrictions resolve with astonishing speed. Yamuna® Body Logic treats almost any structural condition throughout the body.

Yamuna® Body Logic applies six techniques to restore the body:

1.Traction creating optimal length and tone of soft tissues.

2.Bone stimulation to improve bone quality to trigger the release of tendons which enhance muscle release.

3.Tendon mobilization to release muscular dysfunction.

4.Joint and muscle restoration to enhance full range of motion.

5.Complete body alignment in each session to eliminate any compensations in conjunction with specific problems.

6.Cranial work to correct the alignment of the cranial sutures, enabling the rest of the body to hold the changes made in the session.

Yamuna® Body Logic is Yamuna Zake’s method of realigning the body by creating space around the joints and locked areas to allow balance. It’s specialized for treatment of structural and movement problems, including the neck, upper and lower back, some joint injuries and some post-surgical rehabilitation. The theory is simple: pain, discomfort and injury are accompanied by compression and restriction or “lack of space.”

Yamuna® Body Logic works by applying gentle traction to retrain muscles into better alignment and function, and generally shows results from the very first treatment. Sessions are one-on-one, generally not more than once or twice a week, and include instruction on maintenance exercises that the client can perform at home.