• Marianna Moll, who established the Belfast Yoga Studio in 1992 began to practice Yoga over forty years ago. She has been teaching Yoga since 1986 and has been certified as an Iyengar Yoga teacher for over twenty years. Internationally known teachers like Patricia Walden, John Schumacher, Arthur Kilmurray, Doug Keller & Gabriel Halpern influence her teaching and practice. Certified as a Relax & Renew® Trainer by Judith Lasater in 2003, Marianna frequently includes restful & mindful explorations.

  • Severe back issues led Marianna to Yamuna Zake. The profound healing and relaxation that she experienced motivated her to bring this work of Body Sustainability to her studio in Belfast as well as other studios in the State of Maine.


 Marianna trained with Yamuna several times a year since discovering this work in 2004. She is certified as a Level II Yamuna® Body Rolling(YBR) Instructor, is one of the few Yamuna practitioners that is Yamuna® Foot Fitness1 as well as Advanced Foot Fitness YFF 2 certified. She also holds certifications in Yamuna® Yoga, Yamuna®: Hands-on Therapeutics, Yamuna® Face & TMJ Therapeutics,Yamuna® Table Treatment & Yamuna® Body Logic(currently being the only practitioner in Maine). Marianna finds YBR to be a great way to transform one’s body and sees it benefitting her life as well as her Yoga practice. ”Using our body weight to sink into the ball we work through the layers of tension and enter a state in which the body lets go. Past physical & emotional patterns begin to release giving the body a chance to return to it’s own Logic and the Mind a way to find balance, clarity and ease. The work with the balls strengthens, tones and realigns the body while deepening the body-mind connection. Yamuna® Body Rolling is so effective and most of all so much fun!”

Marianna offers Yamuna® Body Rolling & Yamuna® Foot Fitness group classes Tuesday morning and evening as well as Friday morning. Once a week a special class time is offered as Marianna’s Yamuna® Yoga club. This class is open to experienced Hatha Yoga students (regardless of tradition), that are interested in finding ways to deeply undo restrictions (using the Yamuna® balls) so that one’s Asanas practice can evolve to be a Meditation in Action. Yamuna® Yoga takes Yamuna® Body Rolling to a whole other dimension.  This practice honors the deepest healing purpose within each pose, revealing the concept behind each asana using Yamuna® props. The connection between breath, direction of energy, and the focused mind make this practice a unique approach to classic Hatha Yoga. If you are interested in joining, please call Marianna.

Marianna also offers special weekend programs at BYS and other Studios in Maine.

Marianna has been studying EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique) for almost 10 years. She has studied both with Dawson Church and Peter Donn and is availably for individual “Tapping to Bliss” sessions to help undo blocks to self-care, weight issues as well as trauma and self-worth focus.

Moll brings to her teaching a background of studying and working in the field of Education, Social-work and Psychology. Vipassana Meditation and the practice of Mindfulness influence her way of teaching.

Marianna’s passion and commitment is to help people of all levels to find strength, profound relaxation, healing and growth.

“May the fruits of all our practices be to FEEL GOOD!”

Please, contact Marianna personally with any confidential questions you may have about any of her services.

207-338-3930 or info@belfastyoga.com