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Kathy, “A Warrior Goddess in the Wisdom Years”, has spent the last 12 years studying and practicing Yoga. She received her initial 200-hour certification in 2008 from the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and went onto complete the 500-hour level training in Yoga Therapy with the Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts.

With a deep passion for health, Kathy has investigated a variety of healing modalities, including in-depth studies in Positional Therapy with Lee Albert at Kripalu. The Positional Therapy work is a simple, easy, yet powerful way to bring muscles back into balance. Another area of study and training has been Ayurveda to enhance your yoga practice with wisdom and knowledge. Training with Yoganand Michael Carroll,  Tias Little, Stephen Cope,  and Marlysa Sullivan have all helped Kathy to bring more awareness and healing to herself, and a deeper understanding from which she can fully share all the benefits of yoga with students and friends.

Kathy brings to her teaching an enthusiastic belief that the mat is your refuge – the place to be you without judgment, the place of compassion and acceptance to trust yourself first, listen to your body and move into stillness. Kathy steps onto her mat as the teacher with deep gratitude for the wisdom her teachers and students share with her. 

Moderate Flow Yoga: 

 A well-rounded practice of sitting, standing, reclining, twists and balance; strengthening and stretching.  Throughout this practice you are invited to draw your attention inward – holding postures, building strength, feeling the breath connect to the body then release-let go and notice the qualities of effort and ease finding the stillness of mind and body.  The experience leaving the whole being peaceful, balanced, grounded and refreshed.  A great way to start your week!

Kathy also offers private therapy


Working with the whole person Yoga Therapy is ideal for those who want a custom-designed program, need to work around specific health issues, injuries, pain, or disease.  Using asanas, pranayama, meditation, muscle assessment and energy management.


Simply easy ways to bring your muscles into balance, with an easy to follow program to reduce and even eliminate chronic muscular pain in only minutes a day through simple exercises and movements that anyone can do.

A guided practice to stretch and strenghen the muscles.  Slow movements to connect to the breath, feel into the body, helping us to become more aware of tightness and holding – then to learn how to soften allowing the body to open – feeling more at ease.  A great practice to bring balance to active people, athletes, those recovering from an injury and students new to Yoga.

At the end of the practice experience the deep healing and relaxing of the body in Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra.  Let yourself be guided in this powerful practice to increase your health and wellness!

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