Justin Maseychik is a kirtan singer and yoga teacher living in Brooks, Maine. His yoga classes are informed by a decade’s practice in the Iyengar tradition although he holds a certification in Vinyasa Flow. Justin’s interest in Yoga is rooted in the 20th Century tradition of Yoga as Therapy and his classes are designed with this in mind. Rather than a ‘forceful’ opening Justin encourages his students to “inquire within” and practice honestly, without attachment to the fruits of Yoga. His classes can be adjusted to suit a broad range of levels and often incorporate chanting and/or singing to Divine, accompanied by his harmonium. 

Bhajan/Kirtan is offered at Belfast Yoga periodically.

Carla and Justin bring their take on Bhajan/Kirtan to Yoga studios around the midcoast region. Bhajan, closely related to kirtana is a devotional performance art rooted in the Bhakti traditions of India. A bhajan is more free in form and is performed with or without one or more musical instruments, singing, & clapping. Carla (drums) and Justin (harmonium) met singing opposite one another at a performance in 2017 and formed a music group soon after. Participants are welcome to sing, clap, or sit quietly, while the emphasis of any performance is calling on Divine. People have reported reduced stress & increased sleep after a session.

For details call/text Justin at 207-323-5381