I’m from a small mountain town in Colorado. It was here that I took my first yoga class at the age of 11 and became hooked! While attending college in Durango, Colorado, I diligently practiced alongside mentors and teachers steeped in the Ashtanga lineage. I am also quite fond of Rocket Yoga- a playful set of sequences mirroring the Ashtanga Series. I earned my 200 YTT in 2018 and have since taught in various settings, from college rec centers to corporate office spaces. My intention to cultivate a light-hearted, honest, and open space where you can turn inward and explore the practice that is yoga!
Please join me for a virtual all-level Ashtanga-Inspired yoga class! One of my favorite things about yoga is leaving the mat feeling warm and gooey-like a freshly baked chocolate brownie. To achieve this, our classes will often follow this recipe: Sun Salutations to heat up, a playful standing sequence, a grounding seated sequence, all topped off by a cooling finishing sequence and long savasana.