April has dedicated her life’s work to assisting and supporting others on their journey through unraveling the patterns which stand in the way of their ultimate health and well-being. In early adulthood, April earned a BA in Experiential Education from the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA with the intention of reaching students for whom the status quo didn’t work. As it often is, it was a series of heavy personal experiences supporting close family members through terminal illness and chronic disease that drove April to a deeper commitment to her yoga practice. Ultimately her own transformative practice led her to become a CYT at The Namaste Institute in 2010. Having discovered the profound connection in unraveling the body and claiming your most authentic self, April became committed to sharing yoga as a therapeutic tool. April now teaches yoga, to those for whom the status quo hasn’t worked, teaching “at-risk youth” as well as young adults in recovery. April also continues to offer weekly public yoga classes. Recognizing the value of massage to help provide support and even deeper healing, April eventually made the decision to become an LMT. Studying at The Maine Therapeutic Bodywork and Learning Center April synthesized technique and in-depth understudying of the body with her years of observation and work as a yoga instructor, becoming a skilled and effective massage therapist. In her yoga classes, April brings together this knowledge of body mechanics and body awareness with the exploration of our deeper selves. New Tide Healing Arts is the culmination of April’s own personal development and her continued studies. April’s commitment and passion come through in both her yoga classes and massage sessions, making space for you to connect with greater well being. When we feel good we bring more energy, creativity, and compassion into our lives, our families, our communities, and our world.

April lives with her family in Northport and is so grateful to call midcoast Maine home. She loves spending her off time in nature, on the water, and watching her children grow at an alarming rate. April is also passionate about her other vocation which is creating inspired jewelry out of copper in geometric forms, working with a variety of patinas. Her work can be found on her website, at her office, and in stores locally. 

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