Buy the gift of health for someone you love. You may email their full name and address and a special message, we will mail their gift certificate to them by  First Class Mail, at no charge. GIFT CERTIFICATES Individual yoga instruction Relax & Renew® Restorative Yoga Yamuna® Yoga Yamuna® Hands on Therapeutics Yamuna® Body Rolling $60 per hour $90 per hour and a half Yamuna® Body Logic $100 per session We also take credit cards at the studio and can send PayPal Invoices by email USE OUR PAYPAL CENTER FOR  SAFE, CONVENIENT PAYMENTS
PAYPAL CENTER & GIFT CERTIFICATES Yamuna® Table Treatments Face & TMJ Therapeutics $90 per session
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“With just two sessions of Face & TMJ Therapeutics, I felt the deep release of much old stress plus accident-related facial trauma as well as getting newly opened sinus spaces. What a revelation this work is. Plus, people say that my face is glowing and how well I look!” --SRG, Belfast
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